Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gloomy Budapest..

Now, i want to continue to write my summer holiday trips. Sorry, took for long time to continue my writing,, very very long time from my summer holiday finished.. ^^ 

On the last post, i wrote my trip in Rome, after Rome i moved to Budapest, still with Ryan Air. My flight was   in night ( i'm forgot the time ) so i arrived in Budapest T2B airport in midnight around 00.00. My friend already arrived in Budapest in the afternoon and already stayed in Andor's flat, our couchsurfer in Budapest. So, because there's no more transportation in midnight, then i must waited in airport 'till morning.. glek! :(  Then i started close my eyes, slept, awake, slept, awake till time shown 6 am then my friend came to pick me up.. finally!

We went to Andor's flat, unpacked my bag, washed face, change dress, then ready to explore Budapest. Budapest is very different from East Europe countries, i saw Budapest got influenced from Russia in architecture, transportation ( and maybe the people also?! ) U want see? Check these pictures below..

At first, we need to get ticket whether bus or train to Prague, our next spot. My friend, Emil, queque in station locket, so many backpackers inside there,, then my friend found that train ticket was quite expensive. Then i suggested to looking for bus ticket whether Eurolines or Orangeways, quickly we moved to another station, asked price in Eurolines ticket service, then went to Orangeways and our choice went to Orangeways with its good price.. :) 

Ticket to Prague already in our hand, that means we ready to enjoy Budapest.. :D Since we tired after moved from one place to another place, we decided to have lunch first. My friend told by his friend that there's Javanese restaurant in Buda side center ( if i'm not wrong! ) so we walked searching restaurant named "Cafe Jogya" and we found it.. :D It was so relieved that finally we can eat, we already very hungry actually at that time. We saw some Indonesian sitting in there, the decoration of that restaurant remind me with Jogja itself with keroncong music and Javanese statue. I ordered nasi goreng seafood & jus alpukat.. :) 

Inside that Cafe Yogya, we met with an indonesian woman, knew that our next trip is Prague then she said Prague is beautiful,, made me can't wait for Prague!!
Finish eating, we started walking to reach the famous Budapest bridge and Parliament building. We were sitting on the banks of Pest side, was so romantic while enjoying Danube river with the chain bridge on the left side. There're some restaurants with pretty decorations along the Pest side. We continue walked to a little island called Margaret island in the middle of Danube river. In there you can do romantic walkways, see medieval ruins, a small zoo, musical fountain, swimming in a relaxing atmosphere. We only sited in the side of fountain, enjoying the play of fountain with a classical music as the back sound while we ate ice cream.. :) 

Enough for Margaret island, we passing the street, walked to Buda side, our plan is to enjoy Parliament building & chain bridge view from Buda side, and my special plan iiisss... waiting the sun go down & the light in Parliament building & chain bridge is on, so it would be perfect for me to shot with my camera.

We were sitting on the banks of Buda side, i told my friend that i want waiting for light blue sky as i seen in my friend's pics,, then my friend said "No, i don't think so. The sky shows that it will be rain, so no light blue sky.." I said "Hmm.. but still, i want waiting,, i want keep camera battery for light blue sky & the Parliament's lamps on" So, we waiting then walk little, the take pictures, then i felt waters dropped in my hand.. Argh,, noo.. please no rain.. I ignored that little rain, but some minutes later came heavy wind, storm,, 'till we need to put our hand on face because of flew dust & we hardly to walk. Oh, noo... Then i saw light in Parliament building & chain bridge is on,, but rain getting harder.. we ran to tram shelter and took our tram. Then i only can shoot the light of Parliament building in the rain from inside tram with my wet camera.. :(   

Well, there's also happy & sad story from traveling..

Lekker wandelen van NL tot Duitsland met Pintooo....

Last Sunday was a nice sunny day in this cold windy autumn season. Sun was so kind to gave its shine to my place in Netherland. I was thinking to go out,, go to centrum? ah, noo... see Carnaval in Maastricht? i don't want wear carnaval costume anyway.. and then somehow my mind was flew to Pinto, Marcel's dad dog ( Marcel is my boyfriend name ) I like kinda dog like Pinto, with hotdog body shape, sexy butt, and fool looks.. lol^^. I asked Marcel directly to take walks around with Pinto.

We start walked from housing complex, then passing field, then finally we already arrived in Germany.. :D Sometimes we need to keep Pinto away when there's another dog around,, Pinto like battle with other dog.. ^^ 

When walked, we often talked about Germany. Marcel said houses in Germany are cheaper than in Netherlands, we can get a big house with the price we pay for a small house in Netherlands. Well, i thought maybe due to Germany is bigger than Netherlands, so land in Netherlands become expensive. Second, Germany people are more religious than Nederlander. Hmm.. maybe,, because i'm never stay in Germany for long time, as i know Nederlander are not religious as i seen from many empty seats in church.. :p Third, Germany put electricity in above ground, i mean they still use electricity pillar on the side of a street, while in Netherlands electricity put in the ground for safety. Fourth, mostly Germany people make family cemetery  like husband & wife who buried in side by side or one in under and one in top. Take a lot of money for that kind cemetery, Nederlander don't want spend money for that anyway. Below is a family cemetery complex, in the front of the cemetery is a chapel to held a church service for dead people or people who want to pray for dead people.

Cemetery's chapel

Husband & wife cemetery

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Inside Vatican

Boring with Rome, we moved to other country..
Ups, kiddin'.. lol^^ we never boring being in Rome i think.. :) But sure we visited another country which is Vatican,, it's well other country even though still inside Rome.

I was woke up early, prepared myself, wore my black legging because i wore short skirt, i don't want Vatican security ask to me back home for only short skirt.. As like yesterday, Raisa came to my room, she always get prepared earlier than me. We took metro line A and stop in Ottaviano metro station. When walked out from station, there're many people offered themself  to be a Vatican guided tour,, as i remembered there're Spanish, English, France, Germany guided tour, but no Indonesia guide tour.. lol^^

After reached Vatican, we saw not so long line in front Basilica Saint Pietro, it was line for check our bag, then not far walked there're Vatican security who check whether we wear appropriate clothes or not. I saw girls who wore tank top are not allowed to enter basilica.. ( PS: If already forgot to wear appropriate clothes, u can buy pashmina outside Vatican sold by Afro people. )

When entering basilica i'm so thankful to God, Jesus, He answered my pray at that time.. *.*
Then i was looking around, enjoy many big saint statues & cool painting on the above wall, took pictures. I saw people going under to basement then i followed them, that place was a catacomb where the comb from all pope was put there, then i heard nice, calm catholic song, and the place also so quiet made my heart got trill and finally my tears dropped.. i remember my parents, wish they can visit there someday.. :( Too bad not allowed to take picture at catacomb..

I ever prayed to God that i want take mass service someday in Vatican, then He answer also at that time, i walk around then see there's an lil chapel and i know that was mass service so i want come in and the security said "This is mass service, not allow to take picture." i said "Yes, i want to take mass service" and then i walked in, no probs already late ( Priest was giving homili. ) at least not yet Eucharistie.. :)
I'm so glad, trill that i can finally take mass service inside Basilica Saint Pietro.. thanks God... ^^ ( On the next day i came again to Basilica to pray inside Pray Room. ) And here are the pictures of what inside Vatican.

After finish enjoy Basilica Saint Pietro, we moved to Musei di Vaticani. I can't wait to see Sistine Chapel that i heard many times before. We were walking out, turn left, then we saw a long line people queue for entry ticket.. :( Better u book ticket online if go to Musei di Vaticani on summer.. Then what to do, we must queue, standing under sun for about 45 minnutes till we can enter the museum. Musei di Vaticani is soo big, there're so many statues, painting and all looks amazing. And we must pasing many rooms till we reached Sistine Chapel. Here are 'lil pictures of the inside of Musei di Vaticani, but there's no pics of Sistine Chapel, same can't take picture inside there.. :(

Friday, August 3, 2012

When in ( Mil ) Rome

Hi all,,

I just back from my summer trip, so these days are only rest days for me at home.. :)
Ok, now i'll write about my trip to Milan - Rome.

After found cheap Ryan Air ticket from Dusseldorf Weeze airport, i departed from Dusseldorf Weeze airport. But it's not totally cheap ticket at all for me & my travel mate since we need buy train ticket from Milan - Rome and the airport is so so far from public transportation.. thanks God Pedro want bring me by his car to Dus Weeze airport, poor my travel mate,, she took taxy which is the cost is expensive than flight ticket.. :(

Dusseldorf Weeze airport is so small,, Pedro said it was only for military airport but not use anymore so Ryan Air make it as a small airport. We already online check in then when check baggage, i must let my cream soap & water go away.. :( and the officer ruined my backpack bag.. :(

Ryan Air flight is 3 and 3 seats, so narrow for big people like Western people, but it's not problem for us.. :)
When flying it's quite terrible, more terrible than AA i think, but thanks God we arrived in smalll Milan Bergamo airport safely.. We arrived at 11.30 pm and we need to waited until 6 am to take bus to Milan city.. :( 

We bought Transvision ticket to reach Milan station, the passenger only 2 of us.. :p Then that's first time we learn Italy metro, thanks to Egypt man who helped us to learn metro. And we finally arrived in Milan Duomo metro and Milan Duomo is above metro.. :)

We spend our first morning in Italy in front of duomo. There are some black men around who sold food for bird and bracelet, just ignore them if they want give u bird's food. On the right side of duomo there's store complex ( i'm forgot the name.. ) We only have time in Milan duomo till 10 am since our train to Rome left at 11.20 am from metro Porta Garibaldi.

We took italo. train to Rome Termini, it tooks about 3 hours. The train was nice, quite fast and we got handsfree gift.. :) Around 2 pm we reached Rome Termini, then start find our hostel which's it's said not far from Termini. I followed the route from map that i made, Via Montebello 47, evidently the number is not in sequence, so we asked Italian woman after found that number we didn't find our hostel signpost, we read small written, aha, we found Garden Rome written on small paper, so we went in. 
Don't expect hostel in Rome like in indonesia, its place in 3 or 4 old building, less light, no space between others building, so it's seem spooky place.

First day, we went to Coloseo, before that we bought Rome Pass for 3 days transportation, it's very easy so we no need think to buy ticket everyday. We stop in metro Coloseo, exit the metro station then we so amazed with a big building and contrast with light night blue sky in front of us,, so so amazing.. it was so great!

Second day, we left hostel early, we can't wait to start our journey.. :) Our plan today is go inside Coloseo, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, Fontana Di Trevi. Ticket counter wasn't open yet, so we must wait and had breakfast in front Coloseo.. :) And the time we waited came, we're on first queue, we bought one ticket for entry Palatine Hill, Roman Forum and Coloseo, no need long time to went inside Palatine Hill. The Palatine is the centermost of the Seven hills of Rome and is one most ancient parts of the city. Recent excavation show that people have lived there since approximately 1000 BC.

Anyway many trees like on pictures above in Rome, it's so so Romans.. i like to shot it.. :)
Ah, i fell on steps inside Palatine Hill, got blood on my knie.. :( never mind, it becomes memory in Palatine Hill.. :) After that, we moved to Coloseo, the queue already long line, but thanks God we no need queue,, :). The construction of Coloseo begun by Emperor Vespasian and finish by son Titus. It;s not only for gladiators combats, but also wild animals combats. I imagined sited watching gladiators combat inside Coloseo, wish can back to Romans years.. too bad the Coloseo already ruined like this because of fire. 

Our next journey is Fontana di Trevi. We walked follow the map, follow many people go ( we thought they walk to Trevi also ) but we found that we're in wrong way, we asked Bangladesh seller, he said we're in Rome Termini, then we didn't believed him until we saw Rome Termini station,, Oh, God that's Rome Termini, other side than we usually come, wow, we'd been walked from Coloseo 'till Rome Termini which is from there we took metro to reach Coloseo.. fiiuuuhhh.... At the end, we took metro to come to Fontana di Trevi..

There're sooo many people in a very hot summer day in Rome. As most people do when come to Fontana di Trevi, so do i,, i throw my coin away on the fountain while my friend took my picture,, but i'm forgot to say my wish.. lol^^

After enough enjoy in trevi, we walked down to Pantheon. The Pantheon was a temple built by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa. The name derives from a Greek term, Pan means "all" and Theos means "God". I like the architecture of Patheon, the big pillar make that building so great. Inside Pantheon almost same like a church ( or is it church actually?! ) there're some holy saints statue.

Next spot is Piazza Navona which it was constructed for the Greek athletic competitions, now it becomes place to meeting up and many painter sell their paint in there. Nice place to relax, enjoy beautiful paintings, or maybe u want get ur paint of ur face.. ^^ ( something that i never do.. )

I felt my leg so stiff after walk around whole day and finally get tired in Piazza Navona, we decided to back to hostel, took shower, rest a while then leave to Spanish Steps. The Spanish Steps or Scalinata della Trinita dei Monti are a set of steps which lied between Piazaa di Spagna at the base and Piazza Trinita dei Monti, dominated by the Trinita dei Monti church at the top. Maybe u wondering why it's called Spanish steps,, it's because the steps linking to the Bourbon Spanish Embassy.. ^^
When we came there, many young people hang out, sit, chit chat, sing on the steps, maybe because that was Saturday night on summer day.. ^^

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dutch Typical House

Hoi allemaal.. 

Akhirnya mood menulis gw tiba juga,, Well, now i want to tell about dutch house type. Gw suka banget rumah tipical Dutch di sini. Kesan luarnya traditional dilihat dari susunan batu - batu bata coklat, ada juga yang putih atau merah, tapi kebanyakan coklat, tapi setelah masuk ke dalam terlihat kesan modern dengan penggunaan alat - alat rumah tangga yang cangcing ( canggih cing.. :p ), dekorasi rumah yang unik sesuai karakteristik or kesukaan pemilik rumah.

Setelah gw mendatangi beberapa rumah di Netherlands ini, gw mendapat bayangan akan karakteristik yang khas dari tiap rumah, yaitu adanya toilet, tempat untuk menggantung coat, tempat sepatu setelah pintu masuk utama. Yang menarik menurut gw yaitu toilet. Ga biasanya baru masuk rumah udah disambut sama toilet.. :p
Yang gw tangkep sih itu toilet disediakan untuk tamu, karena kamar mandi biasanya ada di lantai 2. Nah, setelah ketemu toilet, baru deh ketemu ruang tamu. Ruang tamu biasanya merangkap ruang keluarga dengan disediakannya televisi dan perlengkapan media elektronik lainnya. Setelah ketemu ruang tamu, baru deh ketemu ruang makan. Ruang makan digunakan untuk dinner. Biasanya meja makan hanya ditutupi dengan taplak kecil dan dihiasi dengan vas bunga, waktu mau digunain saat dinner baru diganti dengan taplak meja makan yang menutupi seluruh meja makan dan di atas meja makan digantung lampu yang menjuntai. Setelah ruang makan, kita akan ketemu dapur. Gw juga suka dapur di sini, cukup cangcing, kalo di rumah hostfam & oma di sini ada diswasher & pake kompor elektrik. Semua peralatan dapur, makanan udah ada lemari untuk tiap jenisnya jadi keliatan rapi. Terus kalo di rumah sini setelah dapur ada tempat laundry. Nah, yang gw suka lagi di belakang dapur udah keliatan deh tuh backyard / taman belakang. Biasanya di taman belakang ada rumah kecil untuk nyimpen perlengkapan untuk enjoy di backyard seperti sepeda anak, peralatan piknik, dll. Kalo gw punya backyard & rumah kecil itu, gw bakalan tidur di rumah kecil itu..^^ Selain rumah kecil, ada bangku2 & meja & peralatan barbeque kalo summer, di sekeliling garden ditanami or digantung tanaman2 & bunga2 yang menggugah mata deh.. :). Selain itu biasanya di backyard ada tempat bermain anak kaya perosotan, ayunan, trampolin. Di rumah sini ada tambahan akuarium yang cukup besar di tengah2 backyard.. What an enjoyed home.. i want.. :( ( To be continued.. )

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coming Netherlands..^^

I'm already in Netherland for 1 week until now. I flied with KLM Royal Dutch airline, it's Dutch government airline and that was the first time i fly with big airline and long hours. The plane is 3-4-3 seat, with transit in Kuala Lumpur for 30 minutes. Then after 3 baked meals, uncountable TV shows, 16 hours in sky finally i arrived in Schipol airport, i'm in Europe now.. lol^^

After immigration check i didn't go to take bagage directly, an average old lady who same plane with me asked me to waited her in immigration office, i don't know what probs with her, i spent time with her when transit. After some minutes not coming, then i leaved her, because i saw seems her relatives already came in to immigration office, hope it's right.. Search my bagage, go out, look around where Pedro is,, then not long time a man who i can remember his picture came and hug me.. :) 
Amsterdam weather is not nice when i came, gloomy and rain.. It takes 2 hours to reach my hostfam home.. On the way to hostfam home i saw beautiful typical Dutch houses , windmills and kind animals like horse, sheep, cows, goat, beside the highway road.. Then i finally come to new home for my next 1 year.. hope this is can become nice 2nd home.. :) There are some interesting sites around here, these are some pics..

One Paving block around here

Arcen Church

Maas River  
Some people here own big pet, this's the small one..
What a cozy cafe.. :)
What's wrong with ur bike meneer?!
Kaateltuin Arcen

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last day work.. ;(

Hmm... today is the last day i work in my present company. U know, when the time coming there's more feeling that i don't want leave this company. I was hate the way from my home to office. But when time coming to leave it, i start to lose it.. lol..^^ People don't know what they got until they lose it. Well, thing already happened, this is my dream from long time, i've decided to step forward into new journey so i must ready to leave my comfortness. Yea, my last company is such a comfort place to work ( for me,, maybe because i'm not a boss.. lol^^ ) with kind, funny office mates who almost everyday i meet them made me quite mellow to leave them. I hope we can still keep in touch friends.. ;)

On last year airfreight trip
And now, my visa is ready, my flight is booked, there's no way to turning back.. :) ( of course i won't.. ), then start next week i won't in Indonesia. I'll be with new family, new lil sister, new friends, new weather, new life atmosphere, new place and exactly my new life.. :p I wish and will try to be a good friend for my hostparents, nice big sister for their daughter, and help them in any ways i can as they already spend much efforts, time, money to bring me there.. i'm so thankful to them.. Danke Pedro & Evelyn Hofmans.. :) See you next week.. :)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

From Bangkok with.. ^&%#$@!*^

Hay hay guys... :)

Long time not post on my blog. I just back from a week Bangkok Trip. I went to Bangkok not only for travel actually like i did if come to new place but only to meet my Indian boyfriend. Yeah, like i ever wrote on "My 2012 Wishlist" post that i want to meet my boyfriend after some cancellation and now that wish already realised.. :D

I will not share about my love story in there of course.. :) #secret# But i just share about the trip.
Well, i went alone to Bangkok from Jakarta, my bf picked up me at airport ( with come late.. :( ) We stay in Darjelling hotel. I like that hotel, near BTS ( skytrain in BKK ), the room looks nice with flat TV and hairdryer, yes hairdryer is most important for me although i already bring it.. :)

I met his friend who has Thai girlfriend and intend meet her family in Lomsak, outside Bangkok. He told it was mountainous place which known for Kaokor mountain and there's waterfalls, temple, zoo. Sounds interesting i thought since i prefer nature view trip than city trip, but it took 6 hours to reached there and we went at noon.. :( really not a good time to go.. :( Anyway, we left hotel around 11 am, went to terminal, bought ticket, and the double decker bus was quite comfy. We got 1 bottle mineral water + snack, there're TV, our seat can be adjust for lil laying position, clean, oh, there's no bus like this in Indonesia.. :(Well, from firstly coming to Bangkok i saw that Bangkok transportation is more, more good in transportation than in Jakarta. The BTS which is skytrain, connecting BTS to airport, MRT, clean station, free Bangkok map, clear rail map, it were really give the ease for tourists to enjoy Bangkok, so no wonder i often saw Western, other tourists everywhere in Bangkok..

BTS train

BTS peron

We arrived around 6 pm and stay in nice bungalow. The schedule is we had dinner, met Thai girl family, and tomorrow ride a car to some interesting places around there. The weather is so hot at that time but it's not made me to stop shot my camera.. :) We went to waterfall but for it wasn't a nice waterfalls anyway, so mostly i took temple pics. I don't know name of the temples, so just check the pics out.. :D

On the way from temple to temple, we stopped by in some very nice cafe. I like the decorations of cafe we've visited, seems so creative and really want offer someting uniqueness. Hope can have own cafe like those in mountainous land of course. Here they are,,

Really cozy having lunch in here but if not too sunrise..

hmm.. nyummyy... :p
i found this cute school bus in front of cafe.. :)
Which one ur Postcard? :)

After strolling around temples, at midnight we back to Sukhumvit, Bangkok. That day we arrived in Bangkok was such Hotel's Day. We move from one hotel to another because previous hotel is full booked. And because my boyfriend must back to India at midnight for work, sikkhhh... :( so i decided to stay in Khaosan because i have 3 days more in Thailand so if i stay in Khaosan it would be easy for me to reach Grand Palace and other tourist spots near there. But, Khaosan hostels are really not comfy for me to stay alone, if i have friends it would be ok. The other good hotels in Khaosan obviously quite expensive,, :( so i changed my decision to stay back to Sukhumvit... sorry hun.. :(

At first time alone in Sukhumvit, actually i don't know what have to do. I walked around, i found nice garden with soft music,, back to hotel, breakfast.. chat, googling whether i found interesting place near Sukhumvit.. then.. voila.. SIAM!! Then i eat my tom yum, pack my bag, bring my camera, and go.. this is the first time i learn how to buy BTS ticket since from yesterday my bf who always did for me.. :)
And finally i come to great & big SIAM.. seems inside mall are expensive and luxury, but not really i think, i like the foodcourt, many variance of foods,, u can also try many things in outside mall.. :) Well, it's not bad traveling around city alone.. for me.. :p