Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last day work.. ;(

Hmm... today is the last day i work in my present company. U know, when the time coming there's more feeling that i don't want leave this company. I was hate the way from my home to office. But when time coming to leave it, i start to lose it.. lol..^^ People don't know what they got until they lose it. Well, thing already happened, this is my dream from long time, i've decided to step forward into new journey so i must ready to leave my comfortness. Yea, my last company is such a comfort place to work ( for me,, maybe because i'm not a boss.. lol^^ ) with kind, funny office mates who almost everyday i meet them made me quite mellow to leave them. I hope we can still keep in touch friends.. ;)

On last year airfreight trip
And now, my visa is ready, my flight is booked, there's no way to turning back.. :) ( of course i won't.. ), then start next week i won't in Indonesia. I'll be with new family, new lil sister, new friends, new weather, new life atmosphere, new place and exactly my new life.. :p I wish and will try to be a good friend for my hostparents, nice big sister for their daughter, and help them in any ways i can as they already spend much efforts, time, money to bring me there.. i'm so thankful to them.. Danke Pedro & Evelyn Hofmans.. :) See you next week.. :)

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