Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gloomy Budapest..

Now, i want to continue to write my summer holiday trips. Sorry, took for long time to continue my writing,, very very long time from my summer holiday finished.. ^^ 

On the last post, i wrote my trip in Rome, after Rome i moved to Budapest, still with Ryan Air. My flight was   in night ( i'm forgot the time ) so i arrived in Budapest T2B airport in midnight around 00.00. My friend already arrived in Budapest in the afternoon and already stayed in Andor's flat, our couchsurfer in Budapest. So, because there's no more transportation in midnight, then i must waited in airport 'till morning.. glek! :(  Then i started close my eyes, slept, awake, slept, awake till time shown 6 am then my friend came to pick me up.. finally!

We went to Andor's flat, unpacked my bag, washed face, change dress, then ready to explore Budapest. Budapest is very different from East Europe countries, i saw Budapest got influenced from Russia in architecture, transportation ( and maybe the people also?! ) U want see? Check these pictures below..

At first, we need to get ticket whether bus or train to Prague, our next spot. My friend, Emil, queque in station locket, so many backpackers inside there,, then my friend found that train ticket was quite expensive. Then i suggested to looking for bus ticket whether Eurolines or Orangeways, quickly we moved to another station, asked price in Eurolines ticket service, then went to Orangeways and our choice went to Orangeways with its good price.. :) 

Ticket to Prague already in our hand, that means we ready to enjoy Budapest.. :D Since we tired after moved from one place to another place, we decided to have lunch first. My friend told by his friend that there's Javanese restaurant in Buda side center ( if i'm not wrong! ) so we walked searching restaurant named "Cafe Jogya" and we found it.. :D It was so relieved that finally we can eat, we already very hungry actually at that time. We saw some Indonesian sitting in there, the decoration of that restaurant remind me with Jogja itself with keroncong music and Javanese statue. I ordered nasi goreng seafood & jus alpukat.. :) 

Inside that Cafe Yogya, we met with an indonesian woman, knew that our next trip is Prague then she said Prague is beautiful,, made me can't wait for Prague!!
Finish eating, we started walking to reach the famous Budapest bridge and Parliament building. We were sitting on the banks of Pest side, was so romantic while enjoying Danube river with the chain bridge on the left side. There're some restaurants with pretty decorations along the Pest side. We continue walked to a little island called Margaret island in the middle of Danube river. In there you can do romantic walkways, see medieval ruins, a small zoo, musical fountain, swimming in a relaxing atmosphere. We only sited in the side of fountain, enjoying the play of fountain with a classical music as the back sound while we ate ice cream.. :) 

Enough for Margaret island, we passing the street, walked to Buda side, our plan is to enjoy Parliament building & chain bridge view from Buda side, and my special plan iiisss... waiting the sun go down & the light in Parliament building & chain bridge is on, so it would be perfect for me to shot with my camera.

We were sitting on the banks of Buda side, i told my friend that i want waiting for light blue sky as i seen in my friend's pics,, then my friend said "No, i don't think so. The sky shows that it will be rain, so no light blue sky.." I said "Hmm.. but still, i want waiting,, i want keep camera battery for light blue sky & the Parliament's lamps on" So, we waiting then walk little, the take pictures, then i felt waters dropped in my hand.. Argh,, noo.. please no rain.. I ignored that little rain, but some minutes later came heavy wind, storm,, 'till we need to put our hand on face because of flew dust & we hardly to walk. Oh, noo... Then i saw light in Parliament building & chain bridge is on,, but rain getting harder.. we ran to tram shelter and took our tram. Then i only can shoot the light of Parliament building in the rain from inside tram with my wet camera.. :(   

Well, there's also happy & sad story from traveling..

Lekker wandelen van NL tot Duitsland met Pintooo....

Last Sunday was a nice sunny day in this cold windy autumn season. Sun was so kind to gave its shine to my place in Netherland. I was thinking to go out,, go to centrum? ah, noo... see Carnaval in Maastricht? i don't want wear carnaval costume anyway.. and then somehow my mind was flew to Pinto, Marcel's dad dog ( Marcel is my boyfriend name ) I like kinda dog like Pinto, with hotdog body shape, sexy butt, and fool looks.. lol^^. I asked Marcel directly to take walks around with Pinto.

We start walked from housing complex, then passing field, then finally we already arrived in Germany.. :D Sometimes we need to keep Pinto away when there's another dog around,, Pinto like battle with other dog.. ^^ 

When walked, we often talked about Germany. Marcel said houses in Germany are cheaper than in Netherlands, we can get a big house with the price we pay for a small house in Netherlands. Well, i thought maybe due to Germany is bigger than Netherlands, so land in Netherlands become expensive. Second, Germany people are more religious than Nederlander. Hmm.. maybe,, because i'm never stay in Germany for long time, as i know Nederlander are not religious as i seen from many empty seats in church.. :p Third, Germany put electricity in above ground, i mean they still use electricity pillar on the side of a street, while in Netherlands electricity put in the ground for safety. Fourth, mostly Germany people make family cemetery  like husband & wife who buried in side by side or one in under and one in top. Take a lot of money for that kind cemetery, Nederlander don't want spend money for that anyway. Below is a family cemetery complex, in the front of the cemetery is a chapel to held a church service for dead people or people who want to pray for dead people.

Cemetery's chapel

Husband & wife cemetery