Friday, October 21, 2011

Go Tidung..

Saw invitation on to clean Tidung island, i contact my friends directly, hoping they have interest to join..^^ But, only one who can join at that date, hmm.. no problem i will have other new friends in there..^^

Tidung island is most famous island from Thousand archipelago. Tidung island government succeed to comersialised their island by build bridge that connected Big Tidung island with small Tidung island, they make it more comersialised by name it with Love Bridge. That known with the story if someone jump from that bridge, he/she will find the one after trip from Tidung. Well.. who knows?! people may believe, may not.. but i'm maybe the one who not..^^ ( cos i can't swim too if )

Day first, my team got task to plan to plant manggrove, some other team clean rubbish. Wow, i'm happy cos that's what i want from early, plant mangrove..^^ ( but no pic when plant mangrove, cos not allow to bring camera, but my friend brought camera & still not yet transfer to me..:( )  Just check these pics out taken from my pocket camera..