Saturday, January 21, 2012

My 2012 Wish Lists..

Ups! Already years 2012 now,, and this my 1st post in this new year.. Happy New Year all!! Well, last New Year eve is the only once i walk & stay in mid-night until early morning in Jakarta road like homeless people..:( Ok, i will share my last day in 2011 which is it's my birthday too..^^ All full my team in office must stand by in office for half day then i bring cheese choco brownies that mom made night before. From office i  meet Rai then we went to hunting pics in Sunda Kelapa, Red Bridge, Jakarta old town city, till night we take shoots Christmas ornaments in Grand Indonesia and of course fireworks in bundaran HI. Too bad am not yet buy card reader to transfer it to lappy, so i can't show u now guys..:( i will upload later.. I feel fireworks in Jakarta isn't spectatular like in other countries, the shape, the color isn't make me amaze enough, but no probs it's not important thing for me. Road around bundaran HI was full loaded with people, even we can't walk for some times..

Anyways, New Year identic with resolution, have u made it guys?!..
Well, for this year i don't want make any resolutions, let life going whatever will be. I don't want make myself confuse with it. Just give my life to God and God will work on it..^^
But, it's not cool if i don't make a wish lists in 2012, cos i believe if we write our wish then all that wish will be written & stay in our mind then unexpectedly someday if we see that wish lists we'll say surprisingly "wow, i already reach it, i already get it, i already accomplish it..^^" and it's so God damn fun thing.. :D
Ok, now let me begin with my 2012 wish lists, there are:

1. Be close to God, as end last year i'm become rarely pray like before, and i feel so faar from God. I don't like it, even though i'm sinner but i'm still want keep in touch with God cos He's soo kind to me..

2. Work smartly, yup i will finish my work before browing in net on phone, chat with friends. I'll work as tidy as i can, full of arrangement as my job related with many shit documents.. I don't want get next SP.. :(

3. Live in one of Europe country for some months, i don't want travel to Europe for only 2 weeks as most indo backpackers do, i want enjoy one city for more than 1 or 2 days, learn their culture, have chat with local people, and enjoy till fullest.. hmm... yummy.. :D You get nothing if only travel aroung Europe for 2 weeks dudes..

4. Meet my Indian boyfriend, we're waiting for so loong to meet, some plans some cancel, but we already fix to meet on March..^^

5. Cut some money for shopping, i don't want spend my money for waste things.

6. Invest my money on gold,, i think this's the logic & best way to invest money after i tried some other investment.

7. Buy etalase for mom sell whatever food she want, it will add mom's money.. :D

8. Having iPhone 4G, oh, i'm so badly in love with instagram, lomo, 4 or some frames and iPhone got it all also other photo applications.

9. Improve my Italy, Spanish, Dutch language, no need to take course as i don't have plan to study in there..^^ just learn from books & internet.

10. Backpack to Mount Bromo, Belitung, Bali, Lombok, Karimun Jawa, wow it's a lot huh.. well it's just my wish, no need money to have wish right?!^^

11. Backpack abroad to Bangkok-Phuket-Ayutthaya, Ha Long Bay, Angkor Wat, Batu Caves, SG, Hongkong, Macau, Japan,, a looott again.. :D

12. If i don't go to Europe this year, i want have bussiness, either online or offline.

13. Eat healthy food, no more noodles, no more fried food or "gorengan", no more sweet food/drink. Eat veggie, fruits, juice and drink milk.

14. Jogging once a month, exercise with dumbell & hola hoop.

15. More give donation to poor people, either give money or food way ( hmm... why this important thing become my last wish.. i don't intend for that anyway, first & last wish actually very important..^^ )

Well, that's it my wish lists. Hope when i see it at end 2012 all already accomplish..^^
Gud Luck guys for 2012..^^