Saturday, April 20, 2013

Paris.. oh Paris..

I'm continue to share my summer trip on this post. My summer trip not only Rome-Vatican-Budapest-Prague, but 2 days after i back to NL i continue my trip to Paris.. yeeaayyy!!! :D

I'm decided to go to Paris after found super duper cheap Eurolines ticket, Eindhoven - Paris ticket = 4 euro + administration fee 5 euro => became 9 euro!!! I was directly messaged my friend ask for help to booked that ticket with his credit card. I was not thinking with whom i'll go, whether i'm still enough money after my "RVBP" trip, whether i'll get promo return ticket, i just think booked cheap ticket then go! But the sad thing came later, there's no promo return ticket.. :( i'm tried to check some ways to back but same, no promo.. i must let my 30 something euro ( i'm forgot for sure ) to booked return ticket.. -__-

After booked ticket finish, i'm start to ask my friend and post in Fb group hoping i can get accompany. But, not my luck, i didn't someone to go with. Ok, no problem, that's will become my solo trip experience for me.. :) Next step i'm search a couch in couchsurfing. My requirement is not a young man, i'm afraid after my friend told me she & her friends got couch in a porn actor house & he showed something disgusting to my friend.. iieerrlll.... >< Finally, i choose an old man profile named Rodney who live in Ville d'array, 'lil far from center Paris actually, but not a matter because i think he's really reliable good couchsurfer after i saw thet his CS profile is verified member and so many good testimonial about him. And thanks God he accepted me to surf his flat.

When the day came, i'm called my couchsurfer to make sure that he won't forgot to pick me up. I'm asked him to pick me up in Gallieni station where my bus stop. I took bus in Eindhoven near station but i don't know where the Eurolines office in there, i ask some people but they didn't know, until i asked an officer in the station then he told me in the back side. Eurolines office in there was so small, only 1 man inside there, i was waiting with black people family. It took about 8 hours from Eindhoven - Paris with 2 times break times in gasoline & Brussels. Actually i'm really afraid if can't meet my couchsurfer since i know nobody in Paris. I tried to sms or called my couchsurfer when still in bus. After reached Gallieni station i had problem to hear his voice when called my couchsurfer, but thanks God some minutes later i met him.. :) 

Rodney stayed in a small room, he rents it every summer. He's the creator of "le Paris Picnic du Jour" so he stay in Paris every summer and did picnic everyday,, yess.. everyday! But, i'm sorry Rodney, i have no enough time to join your picnic.. :( i'm only 2 nights in Paris.. -__-. And i saw he made note of people who will surf his place, everyday he checked CS website, wow.. very very excellent CS! In my opinion, he's a typical person who really enjoy life, he doesn't looks worried, just enjoy every minute. Rent room, go held picnic in Paris everyday, meet new people, even walk in the rain he still singing.. 

Ok, now let's start share my Paris trip. Because Rodney was busy with his picnics, so i travel alone for 3 days in Paris. First place is Chateau de Versailles which the nearest tourist spot from Rodney's place. Chateau de Versailles is a palace where Louis great family stayed. It's not only a great architecture building but also as a symbol of the system of absolute monarchy of the Ancien Regime. There is a big beautiful garden behind the palace, but because i didn't buy ticket to enter the garden so i don't know how beautiful the garden is. When i reached there about 9 am there was already long queque in front of the palace gate. Because my purpose is to see inside palace, so i must be patient to queque. But the stupid thing is when came time to go inside i don't have ticket, other people already have ticket, so they asked me to buy ticket in other side then can back directly to them. But, oh, no! long queque again.. i have no mood to queque again until there's a man who want to sell his palace ticket, then i bought his ticket. Thanks God, no need queque again.. 

Friday, April 19, 2013


It's been more than 2 months i didn't write on this blog.. Oh, ya FYI: i've made another blog on wordpress ( ) since in this blogspot people can't follow my blog, so i tried to moved some of my posts in here & writed on my wordpress blog, but no worry ( lho?!^^ ) i'm still write on this my 1st blog. Both blogs home have things that i like & don't like, i like my blogspot background, it's really show who i am, TraveLover.. but people can't follow my blog, on wordpress blog i'm not yet find background that really attract me, but people can follow my blog. Well, i'm still learn on wordpress, i'm not yet edit much my wordpress blog,, soonest i wish..

Back to the topic on this post, i'm already back! Yea, i was back to Indonesia on 5 March evening. Actually my aupair program is end officially on 9 April, 1 year after i'm first came to NL, but the next aupair of my hostfam who is from Phillipines already got visa and my hostfam already booked flight for her on 4 March. I was amazed when my hostmom told me suddenly about that because i thought i'll be back on 9 April & my Dutch course still there 7 more classes,, dat is zo jammer.. why they didn't tell me before? why they aren't think about my Dutch course? That's my right to finish study.. Yea,, laat maar.. everything were done, no problem for me, i'm thankful that they already let me to experienced Europe for 11 months.. :)

But u know, before i know that i'll back home on March, i was counting weeks until early April. I was really missing to come back to indo, to see my family. I often said to Marcel "Nog 7 weeks, nog 5 weeks" ( "7 weeks more, 5 weeks more" ) and then Marcel will said "Nee, ik wil niet" ( "No, i don't want" ), Marcel doesn't want i back to indo. Until i knew that i must back on March, i became sad. I know that 1 week before the date i must back home, so it's really sudden to me. I often said to Marcel that i'm so sad that i must leave NL then hug him tight.. Yea, human is complicated, we really want something but when that thing comes we become sad.. -__-

And now i'm in my parents home, i can see my 2 new nephews who i'm never see face to face before, i can take care my parents, and the main thing is i can do anything in my parents home.. :)