Monday, January 28, 2013

Niet meer Koningin..

Hari ini Ratu Beatrix ( Ratu Belanda ) mengundurkan diri dari jabatannya di masa jabatannya yang ke 33 tahun sebagai pemimpin kerajaan. Jabatan selanjutnya diserahkan kepada putranya Pangeran Willem Alexander. 

Waktu makan malam, hostdad sampe rumah langsung ngomongin tentang ratu, ga biasa2nya, siap2 setel berita jam 19.00 ternyata ratu belanda mengundurkan diri alias turun takhta. Inaugurasi Pangeran Willem-Alexander akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 30 April 2013 di Amsterdam. Nantinya tidak ada lagi ratu Belanda, tapi raja Belanda. Dan tidak ada lagi perhelatan ( ??? ) acara "Koninginnedag" yg tiap tahun setiap tanggal 30 April dirayakan di Amsterdam, tapi berubah jadi "Koningsdag" dan mulai tahun 2014 akan dirayakan setiap tanggal 27 April sesuai dengan tanggal lahir Pangeran Willem-Alexander. Btw, kok tanggal ulang tahun ratu & anaknya ga beda jauh ya?!..

Anyway, Gefeliciteerd Koning Willem-Alexander.. :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My First Winter.. My First Sneeuuuww.....

From yesterday 'till today snow showered whole Nederlands. Before that, on Monday, i already felt that snow will fall, the temperature slowly dropped, from about 7 C around Christmas then fell become -2 C on Sunday. I was said to Marcel "Ah, hon -2?!" and next day i said to Kaylee "Ik denk op Dinsdag gaat sneeuw, ik heb zo koud" ( "i think snow will fall on Thursday, i fell so cold" ) And then on Tuesday morning i woke up, and it's true, outside already become white all.. not so many snow like snow on last December.

I remember i was so excited since it was the first time i see & feel snow directly. I took many pictures around. For me snow is beautiful, even it's so cold until my hand freezing. I don't like too cold actually ( who like too cold?! heh ), i hate when walking too long when the weather below 0 C, but.. never mind.. i already used to the winter weather here. I'm happy i can feel snow finally, this is my first snow, too bad not my first white Christmas.. :( Hmm.. maakt niet uit.. Here are the pictures of snowfall that i took on last December.

Blokhut in backyard 
That was coldest football field

That is called slee in here, used to bring kids.

Bicycle parking spot in station

Railway station 

My neighbor, Opa van Hoos, He just finished clean snow from his house hall.

No one i can ask to take my picture, so i ask myself to took of mine.. -_-

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012,, Year of My Dreams...

2012 already over..

Oh, man it's so fast year..

Many new things happened, 

new people came to my life, 

new experiences i learned, 

new circumstances i faced, 

new seasons i felt.. 

Ah, thank u so much God for all ur blessings..

I looked back to my 2012 resolution's post, i found some points i can realized, some points can't.
One point that i'm so thankful that it can be realized is visit Europe for some months, but God gave me chance to live in Europe for 1 year!! Yeaaayyy!! :) 
One point that i can't ( read: not yet ) realize is travel to some places in Indonesia. Well, that's make sense since i don't stay in Indonesia last year. I'm so thankful that i can experienced Europe before my age is 30 yo ( i was 25 yo ). I remember, i ever prayed that i want come/visit/travel/stay in one of EU country before my age is 30 yo and before i marry. And the main thing is travel to Rome and Vatican.. And 2012 is the year of my dreams.. Remember guys, always keep your dreams on your mind & pray, i am sure God will not let His kid begging to Him all the time.. ;)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Prague.. i'm in love

A chicken sound from alarm on my phone woke we up, it shows already 5 am. My eyes still so sleepy after chit chat with Andor & his friend last night. But we must go, our bus to Prague will leave at 7.30 am, better wait than late. We just wash our face and go, take tram and metro, i don't remember which tram, what halte/station we must stop since i go travel with my friend ( man ) who has better understanding in reading map than me, so i believe all in him.. ^^

About 30 minnutes we waiting for bus that will bring us to Prague. We took orangeways bus after we found that it has cheaper price than another buses brands that we already asked. The duration from Budapest - Prague is about 8 hrs. Never mind, since we got nice sunflower field view when passing Slovakia.

Our bus arrived in Florenc Station, my friend's friend already waiting us. Yup! She is our hosted in Prague.. :) We were stayed in her dormitory, quite nice dormitory with kitchen, bathroom, 4 single bedrooms, wifi, better than backpacker hostel and we stayed for free!! Thanks Ana!

Next day morning, we start our journey from Vitavzka ( if i'm not wrong, since place name in Prague is hard to remember for me ) we hiking from there because long queue to take sky train, but in the mid hiking we took sky train actually. The sky train brought us to a nice garden, not far walking then we found Petrin View Tower. Petrin View Tower is like little Eiffel Tower and actually it's true since the making of that tower is directly inspired by the Eiffel Tower.

We continued walked through, sometimes we took pictures, i like the view of Prague from the top, looks so pretty with orange rooftops, castle, cathedral, and Vltava river. We arrived in Parliament building, as usual there's guardian people who must keep stand still even many people took pictures with them ( include me & my friends :) ). Nothing special with that building, we went walked till St.Vitus Cathedral, that's so typical Germany cathedral architecture with its gothic style, remind me of Koln Cathedral. We also found other 2 cathedral nearby which are St.Wenceslas and St.Adalbert cathedral.

After passing 3 cathedral, we kept walked and saw grapes field to make wine. From there we arrived in big road and saw beautiful Prague castle, we can't wait to reach there.. ^0^ Due to its beautiful, no wonder some couples held or take shoot for pre-wedding around Old Town Hall, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge. Like we saw, there're 2 couples who wore white wedding gown around there, one are western and other are Korean.. hmm... I like Old town hall Prague, in the old days it was used for administrative centre of the country. But now the most famous from Old town is its Astrological Clock. Every 1 hour many people waiting under the Astrological Clock and there will be someone who wearing something like traditional dress and blow something like flute then the puppets will moving around. That's good tourist attraction right,, Around old town hall you can find some restaurants or food stall, souvenir store. Well, i like souvenir stores in here, so pretty but quite expensive. My friend told me that i can buy cheaper souvenir in open market in other side. Along the Charles bridge there're many stalls who sell painting mostly and people who sing or play music. Beautiful place!

We also passing the famous Dancing Building.. not forget to took picture with that background.. ^^

Tired for today, we took rest and planed for tommorow..

We decided to go to Chesky Krumlov. My friend said it's one of UNESCO Heritage List. Chesky Krumlov is a small city in the South Bohemian Region of Czech Republic. In there usually held a number of festivals and other events each year. But we don't find any festival when went there, just take a walk. The city, actually like village, still beautiful with its architecture and decoration in each houses, store, restaurants. We also went inside castle where there're bears in under the castle.