Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My First Winter.. My First Sneeuuuww.....

From yesterday 'till today snow showered whole Nederlands. Before that, on Monday, i already felt that snow will fall, the temperature slowly dropped, from about 7 C around Christmas then fell become -2 C on Sunday. I was said to Marcel "Ah, hon -2?!" and next day i said to Kaylee "Ik denk op Dinsdag gaat sneeuw, ik heb zo koud" ( "i think snow will fall on Thursday, i fell so cold" ) And then on Tuesday morning i woke up, and it's true, outside already become white all.. not so many snow like snow on last December.

I remember i was so excited since it was the first time i see & feel snow directly. I took many pictures around. For me snow is beautiful, even it's so cold until my hand freezing. I don't like too cold actually ( who like too cold?! heh ), i hate when walking too long when the weather below 0 C, but.. never mind.. i already used to the winter weather here. I'm happy i can feel snow finally, this is my first snow, too bad not my first white Christmas.. :( Hmm.. maakt niet uit.. Here are the pictures of snowfall that i took on last December.

Blokhut in backyard 
That was coldest football field

That is called slee in here, used to bring kids.

Bicycle parking spot in station

Railway station 

My neighbor, Opa van Hoos, He just finished clean snow from his house hall.

No one i can ask to take my picture, so i ask myself to took of mine.. -_-

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