Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012,, Year of My Dreams...

2012 already over..

Oh, man it's so fast year..

Many new things happened, 

new people came to my life, 

new experiences i learned, 

new circumstances i faced, 

new seasons i felt.. 

Ah, thank u so much God for all ur blessings..

I looked back to my 2012 resolution's post, i found some points i can realized, some points can't.
One point that i'm so thankful that it can be realized is visit Europe for some months, but God gave me chance to live in Europe for 1 year!! Yeaaayyy!! :) 
One point that i can't ( read: not yet ) realize is travel to some places in Indonesia. Well, that's make sense since i don't stay in Indonesia last year. I'm so thankful that i can experienced Europe before my age is 30 yo ( i was 25 yo ). I remember, i ever prayed that i want come/visit/travel/stay in one of EU country before my age is 30 yo and before i marry. And the main thing is travel to Rome and Vatican.. And 2012 is the year of my dreams.. Remember guys, always keep your dreams on your mind & pray, i am sure God will not let His kid begging to Him all the time.. ;)

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