Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coming Netherlands..^^

I'm already in Netherland for 1 week until now. I flied with KLM Royal Dutch airline, it's Dutch government airline and that was the first time i fly with big airline and long hours. The plane is 3-4-3 seat, with transit in Kuala Lumpur for 30 minutes. Then after 3 baked meals, uncountable TV shows, 16 hours in sky finally i arrived in Schipol airport, i'm in Europe now.. lol^^

After immigration check i didn't go to take bagage directly, an average old lady who same plane with me asked me to waited her in immigration office, i don't know what probs with her, i spent time with her when transit. After some minutes not coming, then i leaved her, because i saw seems her relatives already came in to immigration office, hope it's right.. Search my bagage, go out, look around where Pedro is,, then not long time a man who i can remember his picture came and hug me.. :) 
Amsterdam weather is not nice when i came, gloomy and rain.. It takes 2 hours to reach my hostfam home.. On the way to hostfam home i saw beautiful typical Dutch houses , windmills and kind animals like horse, sheep, cows, goat, beside the highway road.. Then i finally come to new home for my next 1 year.. hope this is can become nice 2nd home.. :) There are some interesting sites around here, these are some pics..

One Paving block around here

Arcen Church

Maas River  
Some people here own big pet, this's the small one..
What a cozy cafe.. :)
What's wrong with ur bike meneer?!
Kaateltuin Arcen

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