Saturday, March 31, 2012

From Bangkok with.. ^&%#$@!*^

Hay hay guys... :)

Long time not post on my blog. I just back from a week Bangkok Trip. I went to Bangkok not only for travel actually like i did if come to new place but only to meet my Indian boyfriend. Yeah, like i ever wrote on "My 2012 Wishlist" post that i want to meet my boyfriend after some cancellation and now that wish already realised.. :D

I will not share about my love story in there of course.. :) #secret# But i just share about the trip.
Well, i went alone to Bangkok from Jakarta, my bf picked up me at airport ( with come late.. :( ) We stay in Darjelling hotel. I like that hotel, near BTS ( skytrain in BKK ), the room looks nice with flat TV and hairdryer, yes hairdryer is most important for me although i already bring it.. :)

I met his friend who has Thai girlfriend and intend meet her family in Lomsak, outside Bangkok. He told it was mountainous place which known for Kaokor mountain and there's waterfalls, temple, zoo. Sounds interesting i thought since i prefer nature view trip than city trip, but it took 6 hours to reached there and we went at noon.. :( really not a good time to go.. :( Anyway, we left hotel around 11 am, went to terminal, bought ticket, and the double decker bus was quite comfy. We got 1 bottle mineral water + snack, there're TV, our seat can be adjust for lil laying position, clean, oh, there's no bus like this in Indonesia.. :(Well, from firstly coming to Bangkok i saw that Bangkok transportation is more, more good in transportation than in Jakarta. The BTS which is skytrain, connecting BTS to airport, MRT, clean station, free Bangkok map, clear rail map, it were really give the ease for tourists to enjoy Bangkok, so no wonder i often saw Western, other tourists everywhere in Bangkok..

BTS train

BTS peron

We arrived around 6 pm and stay in nice bungalow. The schedule is we had dinner, met Thai girl family, and tomorrow ride a car to some interesting places around there. The weather is so hot at that time but it's not made me to stop shot my camera.. :) We went to waterfall but for it wasn't a nice waterfalls anyway, so mostly i took temple pics. I don't know name of the temples, so just check the pics out.. :D

On the way from temple to temple, we stopped by in some very nice cafe. I like the decorations of cafe we've visited, seems so creative and really want offer someting uniqueness. Hope can have own cafe like those in mountainous land of course. Here they are,,

Really cozy having lunch in here but if not too sunrise..

hmm.. nyummyy... :p
i found this cute school bus in front of cafe.. :)
Which one ur Postcard? :)

After strolling around temples, at midnight we back to Sukhumvit, Bangkok. That day we arrived in Bangkok was such Hotel's Day. We move from one hotel to another because previous hotel is full booked. And because my boyfriend must back to India at midnight for work, sikkhhh... :( so i decided to stay in Khaosan because i have 3 days more in Thailand so if i stay in Khaosan it would be easy for me to reach Grand Palace and other tourist spots near there. But, Khaosan hostels are really not comfy for me to stay alone, if i have friends it would be ok. The other good hotels in Khaosan obviously quite expensive,, :( so i changed my decision to stay back to Sukhumvit... sorry hun.. :(

At first time alone in Sukhumvit, actually i don't know what have to do. I walked around, i found nice garden with soft music,, back to hotel, breakfast.. chat, googling whether i found interesting place near Sukhumvit.. then.. voila.. SIAM!! Then i eat my tom yum, pack my bag, bring my camera, and go.. this is the first time i learn how to buy BTS ticket since from yesterday my bf who always did for me.. :)
And finally i come to great & big SIAM.. seems inside mall are expensive and luxury, but not really i think, i like the foodcourt, many variance of foods,, u can also try many things in outside mall.. :) Well, it's not bad traveling around city alone.. for me.. :p

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