Sunday, September 16, 2012

Inside Vatican

Boring with Rome, we moved to other country..
Ups, kiddin'.. lol^^ we never boring being in Rome i think.. :) But sure we visited another country which is Vatican,, it's well other country even though still inside Rome.

I was woke up early, prepared myself, wore my black legging because i wore short skirt, i don't want Vatican security ask to me back home for only short skirt.. As like yesterday, Raisa came to my room, she always get prepared earlier than me. We took metro line A and stop in Ottaviano metro station. When walked out from station, there're many people offered themself  to be a Vatican guided tour,, as i remembered there're Spanish, English, France, Germany guided tour, but no Indonesia guide tour.. lol^^

After reached Vatican, we saw not so long line in front Basilica Saint Pietro, it was line for check our bag, then not far walked there're Vatican security who check whether we wear appropriate clothes or not. I saw girls who wore tank top are not allowed to enter basilica.. ( PS: If already forgot to wear appropriate clothes, u can buy pashmina outside Vatican sold by Afro people. )

When entering basilica i'm so thankful to God, Jesus, He answered my pray at that time.. *.*
Then i was looking around, enjoy many big saint statues & cool painting on the above wall, took pictures. I saw people going under to basement then i followed them, that place was a catacomb where the comb from all pope was put there, then i heard nice, calm catholic song, and the place also so quiet made my heart got trill and finally my tears dropped.. i remember my parents, wish they can visit there someday.. :( Too bad not allowed to take picture at catacomb..

I ever prayed to God that i want take mass service someday in Vatican, then He answer also at that time, i walk around then see there's an lil chapel and i know that was mass service so i want come in and the security said "This is mass service, not allow to take picture." i said "Yes, i want to take mass service" and then i walked in, no probs already late ( Priest was giving homili. ) at least not yet Eucharistie.. :)
I'm so glad, trill that i can finally take mass service inside Basilica Saint Pietro.. thanks God... ^^ ( On the next day i came again to Basilica to pray inside Pray Room. ) And here are the pictures of what inside Vatican.

After finish enjoy Basilica Saint Pietro, we moved to Musei di Vaticani. I can't wait to see Sistine Chapel that i heard many times before. We were walking out, turn left, then we saw a long line people queue for entry ticket.. :( Better u book ticket online if go to Musei di Vaticani on summer.. Then what to do, we must queue, standing under sun for about 45 minnutes till we can enter the museum. Musei di Vaticani is soo big, there're so many statues, painting and all looks amazing. And we must pasing many rooms till we reached Sistine Chapel. Here are 'lil pictures of the inside of Musei di Vaticani, but there's no pics of Sistine Chapel, same can't take picture inside there.. :(

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