Friday, August 3, 2012

When in ( Mil ) Rome

Hi all,,

I just back from my summer trip, so these days are only rest days for me at home.. :)
Ok, now i'll write about my trip to Milan - Rome.

After found cheap Ryan Air ticket from Dusseldorf Weeze airport, i departed from Dusseldorf Weeze airport. But it's not totally cheap ticket at all for me & my travel mate since we need buy train ticket from Milan - Rome and the airport is so so far from public transportation.. thanks God Pedro want bring me by his car to Dus Weeze airport, poor my travel mate,, she took taxy which is the cost is expensive than flight ticket.. :(

Dusseldorf Weeze airport is so small,, Pedro said it was only for military airport but not use anymore so Ryan Air make it as a small airport. We already online check in then when check baggage, i must let my cream soap & water go away.. :( and the officer ruined my backpack bag.. :(

Ryan Air flight is 3 and 3 seats, so narrow for big people like Western people, but it's not problem for us.. :)
When flying it's quite terrible, more terrible than AA i think, but thanks God we arrived in smalll Milan Bergamo airport safely.. We arrived at 11.30 pm and we need to waited until 6 am to take bus to Milan city.. :( 

We bought Transvision ticket to reach Milan station, the passenger only 2 of us.. :p Then that's first time we learn Italy metro, thanks to Egypt man who helped us to learn metro. And we finally arrived in Milan Duomo metro and Milan Duomo is above metro.. :)

We spend our first morning in Italy in front of duomo. There are some black men around who sold food for bird and bracelet, just ignore them if they want give u bird's food. On the right side of duomo there's store complex ( i'm forgot the name.. ) We only have time in Milan duomo till 10 am since our train to Rome left at 11.20 am from metro Porta Garibaldi.

We took italo. train to Rome Termini, it tooks about 3 hours. The train was nice, quite fast and we got handsfree gift.. :) Around 2 pm we reached Rome Termini, then start find our hostel which's it's said not far from Termini. I followed the route from map that i made, Via Montebello 47, evidently the number is not in sequence, so we asked Italian woman after found that number we didn't find our hostel signpost, we read small written, aha, we found Garden Rome written on small paper, so we went in. 
Don't expect hostel in Rome like in indonesia, its place in 3 or 4 old building, less light, no space between others building, so it's seem spooky place.

First day, we went to Coloseo, before that we bought Rome Pass for 3 days transportation, it's very easy so we no need think to buy ticket everyday. We stop in metro Coloseo, exit the metro station then we so amazed with a big building and contrast with light night blue sky in front of us,, so so amazing.. it was so great!

Second day, we left hostel early, we can't wait to start our journey.. :) Our plan today is go inside Coloseo, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, Fontana Di Trevi. Ticket counter wasn't open yet, so we must wait and had breakfast in front Coloseo.. :) And the time we waited came, we're on first queue, we bought one ticket for entry Palatine Hill, Roman Forum and Coloseo, no need long time to went inside Palatine Hill. The Palatine is the centermost of the Seven hills of Rome and is one most ancient parts of the city. Recent excavation show that people have lived there since approximately 1000 BC.

Anyway many trees like on pictures above in Rome, it's so so Romans.. i like to shot it.. :)
Ah, i fell on steps inside Palatine Hill, got blood on my knie.. :( never mind, it becomes memory in Palatine Hill.. :) After that, we moved to Coloseo, the queue already long line, but thanks God we no need queue,, :). The construction of Coloseo begun by Emperor Vespasian and finish by son Titus. It;s not only for gladiators combats, but also wild animals combats. I imagined sited watching gladiators combat inside Coloseo, wish can back to Romans years.. too bad the Coloseo already ruined like this because of fire. 

Our next journey is Fontana di Trevi. We walked follow the map, follow many people go ( we thought they walk to Trevi also ) but we found that we're in wrong way, we asked Bangladesh seller, he said we're in Rome Termini, then we didn't believed him until we saw Rome Termini station,, Oh, God that's Rome Termini, other side than we usually come, wow, we'd been walked from Coloseo 'till Rome Termini which is from there we took metro to reach Coloseo.. fiiuuuhhh.... At the end, we took metro to come to Fontana di Trevi..

There're sooo many people in a very hot summer day in Rome. As most people do when come to Fontana di Trevi, so do i,, i throw my coin away on the fountain while my friend took my picture,, but i'm forgot to say my wish.. lol^^

After enough enjoy in trevi, we walked down to Pantheon. The Pantheon was a temple built by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa. The name derives from a Greek term, Pan means "all" and Theos means "God". I like the architecture of Patheon, the big pillar make that building so great. Inside Pantheon almost same like a church ( or is it church actually?! ) there're some holy saints statue.

Next spot is Piazza Navona which it was constructed for the Greek athletic competitions, now it becomes place to meeting up and many painter sell their paint in there. Nice place to relax, enjoy beautiful paintings, or maybe u want get ur paint of ur face.. ^^ ( something that i never do.. )

I felt my leg so stiff after walk around whole day and finally get tired in Piazza Navona, we decided to back to hostel, took shower, rest a while then leave to Spanish Steps. The Spanish Steps or Scalinata della Trinita dei Monti are a set of steps which lied between Piazaa di Spagna at the base and Piazza Trinita dei Monti, dominated by the Trinita dei Monti church at the top. Maybe u wondering why it's called Spanish steps,, it's because the steps linking to the Bourbon Spanish Embassy.. ^^
When we came there, many young people hang out, sit, chit chat, sing on the steps, maybe because that was Saturday night on summer day.. ^^

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