Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why Italy?!

If anyone ask wht country  I most want to visit, I can’t say other country than Italy…
Yup, maybe people around me already boring hearing me talk about Italy.. Lol^^ But, that’s why I feel, I have big enthusiasm with this country. Seems u can enjoy anything in Italy, ur life can full lively in Italy.
This time, I want list 7 reasons why I love Italy:

I must start by saying that I love history and especially ancient history and Italy is a big part of that history with the roman empire, also a big part of the Christian history. The sole historic weight of this country makes it wroth the visit for anybody who wants to learn anything about mankind's history or see some historic places.

We all know that the Catholic church is centered in Vatican which is a state situated in Rome and pope is number one world Catholic leader is living in the there. As a Catholic, i really want to take misa in one of great historical church and also meet the Pope and singing with great choirs in Vatican. Sounds cool right?!^^ But not just St.Peter Basilica, I want come inside and capture of every single great architecture churchs in Italy.  

           But Italy is not only a country full of historical old places to visit. In other parts, Italy also has some of the most wonderful scenery you can imagine. Whether you're in Sicily, Naples or Milan you will enjoy beautiful sight. It might be a little village full of charming people, the extraordinary view of the Mediterranean sea or the magnificent city of Venice you will surly find something to feed your camera with.

               Italy is very known for its gondola, even many countries has copy the gondola idea as travel business in their country. Gondola rides are a must for every tourist visiting Italy, include me. I feel the romantic ride gondola when sun go down, enjoy sunset while listen great voice from handsome gondolier..^^ Will be perfect if someone accompany me, anyone?!^^

                  One thing that could be a let down though is the food, while I do love cheese and Italian food  is full of cheese, that they put cheese on everything, on pizza, pasta, spaghetti. I’m also fond of ice cream, and Italy is famous with its gelato. My Italian native teacher in my country said that pizza and gelato taste in my country is different than in Italy, that’s why I want come to Italy for the great one from Italian hand cook.

          Ah, dolce far niente! It is also known as the sweetness of doing nothing. A term such as the art of doing nothing  implies something more than sitting in a lazy boy in front of a television set. It demands more from us. The art of doing nothing and doing it well could be realized in many ways. For some it may be accomplished by sipping tea by the fire, with a cat softly purring nearby, or by watching a baby sleep. For others the art is practiced by taking the time to share a story or two with the locals at the market. But for me, maybe I will sitting on chair near piazza while lick yummy gelato and observe what people doing around me especially Italiano.. lol..^^

         I love Italian language.. Many people consider Italian as the most beautiful spoken language in the world, and I am one of them. It seems u not just speak it but moreover sing it, give special rhythm to each word.  Besides that, Italian use their body in special circumstances to communicate. Mostly Italians use body language and hand gestures to punctuate an expression and give it a shading that the word or phrase itself lacks. 

Wish can realize all..^0^

Tutte le strade portano a Roma!

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