Saturday, May 14, 2011

Passion vs Money

Recently there’s musical concert in Jakarta which brought Justin Bieber and Avril Lavigne. I don’t know why I’m not interested to come and enjoy musical concert, for me it’s only wasting my money ( maybe bcoz I don’t have money.. wkwk..^^ ), I can enjoy their songs fr MP3, radio, TV, many ways which will not spend ur money too much. Why we give our money to people who more rich than us?! Yet, there’re so many poor people out there,, better we give our money to them, more be usefull, right?!

Maybe people who like enjoy musical concert will say that I know nothing about the art of enjoying music, maybe we can’t buy the experience, the feel of enjoying music directly fr the artist,, Well, it can be true, people have right to use their money. It same like me and to the one who like travel, maybe other people think “for what wasting ur money to go to one place to another without any purposes?!” then we who love travel will answer “hey, u can buy the experience, the feel, the knowledge u got by go to some places that never come before..” Ya, it’s about our interest, our hobby, our passion, and whatever u call it. Money can’t buy all that things, it’s about self happiness. Life must be enjoyed and full of happiness,, ignore what people say abott our passion. So, live your passion now!

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