Saturday, May 14, 2011

My New Lappy..


For 1st sharing I want to share abt my new lappy.. ASUS.. huh, after long time work ( hehe.. too much..) Yes, i'm not a girl who born in rich family who can ask anything what i want, that's why God always give me the way to get job, earn money and buy all i need. Thanks to my friend’s uncle who already accompany me bought this lappy.

Well, actually I didn’t plan to buy this brand, but for u to know I’m a kind girl who easy to believe anything people said to me ( not good actually, I try to not easy believe anyone ) so when I came to one lappy store the seller said that this’s a good brand ( better than brand I asked before ) has same level with IBM and has stabil motherboard, then I changed my mind and plan, I said yes to this brand. I didn’t regret by trusted my choice to the seller, I’m only need the basic function of lappy, though my bro use this brand. Hopefully this lappy can be useful for my life and people around me.. thanks God..^^

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