Friday, February 24, 2012

Aupair.. oh aupair...

Fiuuhh... finally i have mood to write again.. :D Yea, i can't write without mood, i choose to waiting that mood rather than make its mood.. haha.. :D

My last posting i wrote about my wish list i 2012, and now i'm close to realise one of my wish list which is Living in one of Europe country for some months..^^ yaayy... i'm so excited but gambling in waiting that time come. Maybe you wondering how i can be living in Euro,, ok, i'll explain.. Firstly, i must say thank to my friend, Raisa who already told me about aupair. Being an au pair is part of an one year cultural exchange program. An au pair is someone between the ages of 18-26 and can work a maximum of 30 hours a week divided over 5 days. The au pair is responsible for taking care of the children and can also do light household chores. A big advantage of having an au pair is that she lives at your house, her support is flexible, and receive a small monetary allowance for personal use. Moreover we can travel around the country.. :D Well, but the important is to learn other new culture, new people, new environment in purpose to explore my limits, build my independence, make friend in international environment and many things u can name it..

I tried to signed up in many aupair websites,, some families came but u know what?! they're all scammer,, i know from the way they write mail to me, asked me to contact immigration agency they choosed, asked me to send money via Western Union to arrange visa,, wueeekkksss... i ever almost being scammed by scammer who introduced as an UK family, i believe what they said, but then my friend who is UK citizen told me that visa must be arrange in embassy not agency and many scammer who tell good things about UK.. oh, damn.. so stupid & shame i am that time! 

Then finally i decided to join as aupair in delft_aupair. Before decided to register in delft_aupair, i don't want join as aupair via agency, why?! because the FEE. Then after faced some scammers in internet & find that all aupair and family in NL needs agency to get each other so i come to that agency. I met with K Haris & K Tony, they told me about Netherland and their aupairs who they sent to NL. I sent my CV & dear hostfam letter to K Haris, he checked then if all ok he forwarded to agency in NL. I was waiting and waiting,, after 2, 3 days i asked him whether there're hostfam who interested in me but he said not yet,, ;( and no need waiting for so long 1 week later after K Haris submitted my CV & dear hostfam letter he emailed me that Rosalia ( aupair in NL ) email him told that her hostmom already found indo aupair who's name is Helena Mranani and she found that name in delft_aupair facebook firendlist and it's ME!! Haha.. what a coincidence,, but for me it's not totally a coincidence, God answer my pray, choose that family for me.. :D

After passing twice interview with hostmom, and hostmom interviewed other girls too ( Phil girls i think..^^ ) she & hostdad decided to picked me as their aupair... yaaayyy!!! :D Now i'm in preparing all documents needed and agent in NL in preparing my visa too. Even though the documents quite difficult and needs times & efforts to get it, i trust God will help.. Hope all is going well & smoothly till the time come.. amen..

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