Saturday, December 17, 2011

Deutchland Fest..

Some weeks ago i joined my friend, Raisa & Yeni to see Deutchland Fest. Raisa said that our cheek will stamp with German flag sign.. wow, it makes me so excited, feel like will see football match..^^

The ballroom filled with letters that represent something regarding German cultures, people, language and anything about German. In here we can hear Deutch language in different accent and different language that Deutch people use in different areas with headphone availabe.

In here i know that trash bin in German divided into 4 type which is Papiermull ( for paper ), Biomull ( for rubbish like veggie, fruits, food ), Verpackungsmull ( for packaging ), Glassmull ( for glass ). Paper trash sit in number 1 and next u can see as picture above..

And many Turkish imigrant in Germany, so no wonder many Turkey companies and of course kebab in German..^^

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